How do I search for literature in specific subjects such as AIDS, Bioethics, alternative medicine, toxicology or cancer?

The National Library of Medicine produces many databases which are devoted to specific subject areas. Many of these files can now be accessed within their web-based search interface called PubMed®. These are available on the Limits screen on the Subset pull-down menu, unless otherwise noted. Subsets of PubMed include AIDS, Bioethics, Complementary Medicine, Toxicology and Cancer.

  • The AIDS subset includes citations to AIDS/HIV literature covering research, clinical aspects and health policy issues.
  • The Complementary Medicine subset will retrieve literature on complementary and alternative medicines.
  • The Toxicology subset covers toxicological, pharmacological, biochemical and physiological effects of drugs and other chemicals.
  • The Bioethics subset covers the literature of ethics and related public policy issues in healthcare and biomedical research.
    • The Cancer subset uses a strategy with terms from the Neoplasms and related branches of MeSH, cancer-related text words, and MEDLINE journal titles. It was created jointly by NLM and the National Cancer Institute to facilitate searching for subjects in all areas of cancer, ranging from clinical care to basic research. For additional cancer information try searching, the National Cancer Institutes' web site which includes a variety of information sources for cancer related information. Included in is PDQ®, a comprehensive cancer database, including summaries on cancer treatment, screening, prevention and supportive care.

You may also schedule a personal tutorial with an NIH Librarian to learn how to search these databases more effectively.

If you prefer not to perform a search yourself, you may submit a search request to the NIH Library.

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