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Library Advisory Committee


The Division of Library Services (DLS) Advisory Committee (DLSAC) constitutes a subcommittee formed by the Office of Research Services Advisory Committee (ORSAC). The DLSAC provides advice to the ORSAC on matters pertaining to budget, program, and policy. Typically, the committee meets quarterly.

Members of the Advisory Committee

Dexter Collins (FIC) 2020-2023
Margaret McGhee (NLM) Standing Appointment
Dan Sackett (NICHD) 2020-2023


Office of Research Services Advisory Committee
Division of Library Services Advisory Subcommittee
(Established February 2012)

The Division of Library Services (DLS) Advisory Committee (DLSAC) constitutes a subcommittee formed by the Office of Research Services Advisory Committee (ORSAC) and is not an independent committee of the library. The DLSAC provides advice and guidance to the ORSAC on matters pertaining to budget, program, and policy and is solely advisory in nature, providing non-binding but informed guidance. In no case shall the Committee have authority to exercise control over the management of the organization. The DLSAC is charged with reviewing DLS's program and budget proposals to include the DLS Business Plan as well as other specific issues identified by the Management and Budget Working Group, and/or the Scientific Directors or their Shared Resources Subcommittee. The DLSAC may create subcommittees to work on these issues. At the request of the DLS/ORSAC, the DLSAC reviews overall policy issues; assists with priority setting and formulation of rates for services; reviews budget formulation methodology and business plan proposals; monitors quality assurance processes and operational assessments; and assists in identifying marketing and promotional opportunities. The Committee identifies areas and issues for specific study or discussion and makes recommendations to the DLS Director. Reports and recommendations from these reviews will be made to the DLS Director and results of reviews that might impact budgetary decision-making may be brought to the attention of the ORSAC. The DLSAC will make periodic reports on its activities to the ORSAC.


The DLSAC has a minimum of six members, appointed by the Director of the Office of Research Services upon the recommendations of the DLS Director and/or other members of the intramural program. Membership is to be drawn from the leadership within the scientific and administrative community served by DLS, including Scientific Directors, Executive Officers and/or Laboratory Chiefs. Typically members serve for four years; however shorter appointments may be made as appropriate and to create staggered termination dates. As needed, appointments may be made to fill vacancies that result in unexpired terms. One member may be appointed from outside the NIH. Each year a member is designated to serve as Chair and another to serve Co-Chair. The Co-Chair serves one year as the Co-Chair and then assumes the role of the Chair in the following year. The DLSAC may appoint ad hoc members from inside or outside NIH to assist in the review of particular programs.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Plan, prepare and set the agenda for each DLSAC meeting, with input from the Director, DLS.
  • Preside at DLSAC meetings.
  • Carry out appropriate DLSAC projects.
  • Represent the DLSAC at special meetings or events.
  • Serve as the official spokesperson for the DLSAC.


Individuals who participate on the advisory committees are asked to commit to the following:

  • Attend in-person and conference call meetings of the advisory committee. Any DLSAC member who is absent from twenty-five percent (25%) or more of the scheduled meetings within a one year period shall be deemed to have resigned.
  • Participate in information sharing and other dialogue via an email distribution in the interim between meetings.
  • Review meeting materials that are sent out in advance of meetings.
  • Actively participate in meeting discussions and decision making.
  • Complete interim assignments as identified and agreed upon by the advisory committee, which may include reviewing policy options, participating in voting assignments, and proposing additional policy options and strategies.

Division of Library Services

The DLS will provide reasonable part-time staff assistance to the Committee, including an executive secretary, who will prepare minutes, coordinate the acquisition of data needed by the Committee, and arrange meetings.

Conduct of Meetings

The DLSAC will decide on the schedule of meetings but will typically meet quarterly. Business shall be conducted according to the preferences of the membership in terms of the formality or informality of the meetings. A quorum for transacting business shall be a simple majority of the DLSAC membership. Any action or proposal for action should be made in the form of a motion on which the members can vote.