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Become a Friend of the NIH Library

Are you interested in helping to enhance the information resources and services offered by the NIH Library? We are looking for NIH staff to join the Friends of the NIH Library group to help us better understand the Library’s programs and services from a customer perspective. Ultimately, this will help us ensure the NIH Library is meeting the information needs of the NIH community.

What’s Involved

The Friends of the NIH Library meet twice a year for one hour to review current NIH Library information services, tools, and programs, and to contribute ideas which will inform Library planning for future developments. The Friends of the NIH Library group will have its inaugural meeting in early 2018. Additionally, we will invite Friends to participate in ad hoc activities, such as usability testing, new service feedback, or informational interviews. These activities will be conducted through short one-on-one sessions, online surveys, and focus groups.

We need your experience and knowledge to ensure our services are meeting your needs, so please consider becoming a Friend of the NIH Library.

To join or for more information, contact Brian Brown at brian.brown@nih.gov, 301-435-4032.

The NIH Library in Building 10 serves the information needs of NIH staff and select Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies. The NIH Library is part of the Office of Research Services (ORS) in the Office of the Director (OD).​​