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Customers Give NIH Library Information Desk Service High Rating

We want to thank those who participated in our May 2015 survey of the Information Desk Service. Overall satisfaction with the service received was 92%. Using a 10-point scale, with 10 being "strongly agree," respondents were asked to rate their satisfaction with particular aspects of service. The following percentages of respondents rated the service 8, 9, or 10:

  • Courteousness of staff: 99%
  • Timeliness of response to request: 99%
  • Confidence that staff member understood the question: 97%
  • Completeness of the information received: 95%
  • Accuracy of the information received: 95%

This year, 95% of the respondents indicated they would be "Very likely" to recommend the service.

Some of the things you said we do particularly well are:

  • "Everything"
  • "Staff was enthusiastic in addressing my need and very helpful."
  • "The Information Desk staff have always been uniformly excellent."
  • "The help desk [staff] are prompt with attending to my requests, whether it is replacing the papers in the printer and/or providing me with keys to the carrels."
  • "Very friendly. Helped me without even needing to be asked."
  • "Help in evening service."

We appreciate your comments on how we can improve. We have listed some of the comments below, followed by our response.

  • "Sometimes some staff don't know they can extend the carrel key"—we will be sure to remind all desk staff about our carrel policies and procedures.
  • "Would like to be able to login to the copier using my NIH email instead of IC"—when we obtained the copier we tried to input using an NIH email; however, the copier software would not sync with the NIH Global directory. Therefore, we have to use the IC as login.
  • "Ease at finding books on shelves"—if you have any questions or are unable to locate an item, please stop by the Information Desk for assistance.
  • "It would be good to have a color printer"—due to the high cost of purchasing and maintaining a color printer, we are not able to include this in the Library's budget.

Share your comments and suggestions with Library staff. Contact us at: https://nihlibrary.nih.gov/services/ask-question.