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Customers Give NIH Library Information Desk Service High Rating

We want to thank those who participated in our May 2018 survey of the Information Desk Service. Overall satisfaction with the service received was 93%. Using a 10-point scale, with 10 being “strongly agree,” respondents were asked to rate their satisfaction with particular aspects of service. The following percentages of respondents rated the service 8, 9, or 10:

  • Courteousness of staff: 99%
  • Timeliness of response to request: 96%
  • Confidence that staff member understood the question: 97%
  • Completeness of the information received: 93%
  • Accuracy of the information received: 94%

This year, 95% of the respondents indicated they would be “Very likely” to recommend the service. Some of the things you said we do particularly well are:

  • “Great responsiveness to requests and needs.”
  • “Listened carefully to my request.”
  • “Staff were very attentive and fully answered my questions.”
  • “NIH Library is and always has been one of the best resources for our need for knowledge and information.”

We appreciate your comments on how we can improve. We have listed some of the comments below, followed by our response.      

  • “More notary public service.”  We do provide notary service; however, it is only for documents that we have translated. Stop by the Information Desk to pick up a list of other notary services on campus.
  • Not sure how often it is done, but perhaps the stations could be cleaned more often. Some people eat in the library and leave good/crumbs behind. Or perhaps some cleaning wipes could be made available.” The cleaning service person cleans the carrels once a day before the library opens. Since we do allow food in the library, there is the possibility of crumbs being left behind during the day. We have provided boxes of wipes in the past; however, we noticed that entire boxes disappeared at the end of the day.
  • “More laptops and space.” Due to budget and space restrictions we have reached our capacity for computers on the raised platform. We have added additional electrified carrels in the Reading Room and also included five private study carrels on our newly remodeled lower level.

Share your comments and suggestions with the NIH Library staff at:
The NIH Library

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