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Earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits with NIH Library Resources

CME Credit Resources

Did you know that you can earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits through resources provided by the NIH Library? NIH staff can earn credits by researching clinical topics and completing evaluations and quizzes while using the resources below. 

While on the NIH network, register for a free personal account in each of the following resources. Learn more about how to earn CME credits in each via the CME Information links. Then get started earning CMEs today.

Due to licensing, these resources are only available to NIH staff. New personal accounts must be set up while on the NIH network. For more information, contact Lisa Scanlon, lisa.scanlon@nih.gov.

The NIH Library in Building 10 serves the information needs of NIH staff and select Department of Health and Human Services agencies. The NIH Library is part of the Office of Research Services in the Office of the Director. To stay updated on NIH Library classes, events, resources, and services, subscribe to our e-news