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Enhance Your Data Science Skills with the SAGE Data Science Video Collection

Looking to enhance your data science skills this summer? Check out the SAGE Data Science, Big Data Analytics, and Digital Methods video collection made available by the NIH Library. Whether you are just starting out and want to learn how to program in R, or are an expert interested in brushing up on statistics or analytical tools and methods, this video collection can help. The collection is browsable, searchable, and, with an easy-to-create profile, users can save clips, playlists, and searches, and generate alerts. 

These online videos cover a wide range of innovative methods and best practices for data analysis, data visualization, and computational social science research. Over 3,200 videos comprising over 120 hours are available. Example topics include:

  • Social media analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Data management
  • Data and text mining
  • Statistical models and methods
  • Programming (Python, R)
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning & deep learning
  • Networks & social network analysis
  • Spatial analysis 

Check out the Data Science, Big Data Analytics, and Digital Methods video collection and start accelerating your data science training today.

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