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Enhance Your Data Visualization Skills: New Video Collection from the NIH Library

Sage Data Visualization Video Collection

Are you interested in mastering the skills and techniques of data visualization? Would you like to do it on your own schedule directly from your desktop? The Sage Research Methods Data Visualization Video Collection, made available by the NIH Library, can help you learn how to effectively present your data in a graphical format. Principles are taught through a series of video tutorials, text entries, and practice datasets, and the overall collection teaches users how to best communicate their data story.

Content and features include:

  • A gallery with multiple chart types across five categories of visualizations—categorical, hierarchical, temporal, spatial, and network—complete with presentation tips and annotated examples of bad practices
  • Approximately 30 hours of video tutorials presented by experienced researchers, each sharing their specific visualizations and demonstrating how they created them in their chosen software
  • Clean datasets accompanied by step-by-step guides on how to create a particular visualization using a variety of tools
  • Overviews of 75 visualization tools, from Excel to Python, to help researchers determine the best tool for their needs

Check out the Sage Data Visualization Video Collection today and start communicating your data with impact. Enhance your skills further with our NIH Library data services classes.