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Give Us Your Input on the NIH Library’s Collection of Resources

As the NIH Library prepares for potential budget impacts in FY2016, your feedback about the importance of selected online journals will be an important part of the Library’s decision-making process.

Approximately 260 online journals with lower usage are listed alphabetically in the survey under broad subject categories. We encourage you to provide feedback about titles in any subject category.

The survey should take 5-20 minutes to complete. Please scroll down to view all titles on each page.

You will be asked to select how you have used each journal in the past two years: if you have read it, cited it, or published in it. If you have not used a journal at all you can skip it. At the end of the survey you may also enter comments on the importance of specific titles.

Please note: If online journals are canceled, NIH staff will no longer have immediate access to the full text from their computers. However, the NIH Library may obtain specific articles from other libraries on behalf of NIH staff. These interlibrary loan requests normally take a few days to fulfill.

The survey will be open through October 5. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Keith Cogdill, NIH Library Director, at keith.cogdill@nih.gov or call 301.496.2448.