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Introducing the NIH Library Digital Production Studio

Do you need to record an interview or podcast, practice a presentation, create an online tutorial, or host a webinar? The NIH Library has launched a Digital Production Studio to help you.

The NIH Library Digital Production Studio was designed as a space to help you create and produce audio and video projects. The Studio is equipped with a digital audio recorder, a video camera, headphones, microphones, sound-proofing, a green screen, and a lighting kit. Editing software is also available in the Library’s Technology Hub, including the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Camtasia, and Captivate.

Located on the first floor of the NIH Library, the Studio employs a self-service model: users can work on their own audio and video projects, but Library staff are available for assistance upon request.

What you need to know to use the Digital Production Studio:
The Studio is open to all NIH staff with a valid ID card, but requires a reservation. Group or individual training and tours are available upon request. Send an email to NIHLibraryTechnologyHubWorkgroup@mail.nih.gov to request a training session or a tour.

PLEASE NOTE: Your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device will be required to save your finished product. You can edit your project outside the Studio using software on one of the Technology Hub pod computers.

Questions? Please call the NIH Library at 301-496-1080, visit the Information Desk, or email NIHLibraryTechnologyHubWorkgroup@mail.nih.gov.

The NIH Library Digital Production Studio is part of the Library’s Technology Hub: Innovate. Collaborate. Explore.

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