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JAWS and ZoomText Assistive Technologies Available in the NIH Library

The NIH Library is offering JAWS and ZoomText assistive technologies in the Library’s Technology Hub. These software packages are being made available to all NIH staff and visitors who come into the NIH Library. Both applications are available in Collaboration Pod 2 in the Library’s Technology Hub, and can be used with headphones provided by the Library. 

JAWS (Job Access With Speech), is a screen reader developed for computer users whose vision prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse. JAWS provides high quality text-to-speech output for computer files and applications, including email, documents, and webpages. JAWS can also be used to evaluate websites for accessibility and Section 508 compliance.

ZoomText is a magnification and screen reading software for the visually impaired. ZoomText’s magnifier enlarges and enhances everything on a computer screen, making applications easy to see and use. Additionally, ZoomText’s screen reader will read anything on your computer screen—email, documents, and webpages are read aloud to you, letting you relax your eyes even more.

To make a reservation to use JAWS or ZoomText in the NIH Library, or for questions about these technologies, contact Michael Walden at michael.walden@nih.gov or 301-827-3998.

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