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Step into Research at the NIH Library’s Monthly Virtual Reality (VR) Demos

Are you intrigued by Virtual Reality (VR)? Have you wondered if VR is a technology that could help you with your research? Come to the NIH Library to learn more about the possibilities VR offers for research, collaboration, and education. While you are there, try out the Library’s new HTC Vive system. The NIH Library is offering VR demos on the first Tuesday of each month, 12:30–2 p.m. in the NIH Library Media Room.

The next VR demo session will be held in the NIH Library on Tuesday, April 4, 12:30–2 p.m. and features how NASA has been using VR technology for data visualization in conjunction with Earth science technology information systems. This VR demonstration will take you into the three-dimensional structure of Hurricane Matthew cloud and storm systems. You can then view and interact with volumetric data rendered in real time using the VR hardware (headset and controllers). This exciting demo gives you the ability to physically move through data that is traditionally displayed as layers or slices.

The monthly VR demos are presented by the NIH Library’s Technology Hub which now includes an HTC Vive system. The Vive has room-scale VR which allows the user to walk around and interact with a virtual space through a VR headset and two motion-tracked handheld controllers.

For more information, please contact the NIH Library’s Technology Hub group: NIHLibraryTechnologyHubWorkgroup@mail.nih.gov.​

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