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NCI Cancer Research Data Commons: Cloud Computing—New Webinar

Join us for a new class being offered by the NIH Library, NCI Cancer Research Data Commons: Cloud Computing. Presented by the NIH Library in partnership with NCI, the class will be held online via WebEx on September 25, 11:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. Registration is required. 

The NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) provides access to large-scale datasets, (e.g., The Cancer Genome Atlas), which span multiple data types including genomics, proteomics, imaging, and clinical data. The CRDC offers bioinformatics tools directly in the cloud, thus eliminating the need to download and store large-scale datasets. The cloud also offers greater computational capacity to manage big data analysis, further accelerating research and promoting new discoveries. This training session will provide an overview of the NCI CRDC and highlight several research studies to show the utility of the CRDC and its resources:

  • Overview of the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons Overview (15 minutes) 
  • Introduction to the Cloud Resources (15 minutes) 
  • Break (15 minutes)
  • Concurrent Interactive Sessions with the Cloud-based Platforms (90 minutes) 
    • Seven Bridges’ Cancer Genomics Cloud (SB-CGC)
    • Broad Institute’s FireCloud on Terra
    • Institute for Systems Biology’s Cancer Genomics Cloud (ISB-CGC)

For more information, contact Li Jia, li.jia2@nih.gov, 301-827-3838.

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