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New Statistical Support Services Now Offered at the NIH Library

New Statistical Support Service at the NIH Library

The NIH Library is pleased to introduce statistical support services for NIH staff and select HHS agencies. These new services, managed by the Library’s Data Services team, feature statistical consulting and training. They complement a suite of statistical software tools which the Library provides onsite.

Consultation Services 

  • One-on-one consultations
  • Assistance with statistical aspects of research design (experimental, prospective, or retrospective)
  • Data analysis, reporting, and graphics
  • Interpretation of results
  • Editing support on the statistical methods section of journal submissions
  • Published material review on validity of study design, statistical methods and/or interpretation of results

Submit a request for a statistics consultation on the Library's website.

Training and Tools

The NIH Library offers free classes on statistics and data services. The statistics training classes focus on statistical principles and the use of software for the analysis, design and interpretation of research investigations. See the Library’s full training calendar for more information on all classes and to register. 

The NIH Library currently provides SASJMPSPSSStataR and RStudio on the Data Sciences Workstation, which may be reserved online.

For more information, contact Paul Juneau, Biostatistician.

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