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NIH Library Bioinformatics Class: Genomatix Genome Analyzer (Two-Day Training)

The NIH Library Bioinformatics Support Program is presenting a two-day Genomatix Genome Analyzer (GGA) class, October 25 and 26, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in the NIH Library training room, Building 10. This training class will focus on using GGA and demonstrate transcription factor data integration solutions based on a network-context concept. The concepts of relevant context, multiple lines of evidence, and regulatory network analysis will be presented, and the network concept will be illustrated through examples, including a ChIP-on Chip analysis.

Biology and biological processes are intricately coupled to each other, especially in gene regulation. The term “network of networks,” which describes the biological events that keep us healthy or disturbances that make us ill, has become a hallmark of personalized medicine. A network is a complex structure with multiple links and no pre-defined direction of flow. The actual "flow” is determined in every instance by the various input parameters of the network. Consequently, changes of biological entities that are observed by experimental technique, including ChIP-seq, should not be treated in isolation. Analysis should include the underlying networks.

For further information about the class, and to register, visit: https://nihlibrary.nih.gov/training/genomatix-genome-analyzer-two-day-training. Even if the class is full, please sign up for the waitlist and plan on attending the class. When the class begins, empty seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis by waitlisted students who arrive early and sign in. An effort is made to accommodate everyone.

Go to the NIH Library Bioinformatics Support Program page to learn more about the program. For more information on how to access the NIH Library’s Genomatix Genome Analyzer license, please visit https://nihlibrary.nih.gov/services/bioinformatics-support/analysis-tools-databases.

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