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NIH Library Director’s Message—November 2019

Advancing Research at NIH: NIH Library FY2019 by the Numbers

As the NIH Library staff plans for the year ahead, we always start by looking back at what we have accomplished over the previous year. While doing so, I reflected on how much we have achieved in pursuit of realizing our vision to be the premier provider of information solutions that enable discovery and improve health

This inspired me to share a few of our notable FY2019 numbers presented in an infographic. In January, I will follow up with stories about how the NIH Library has excelled in our efforts to improve the research environment at NIH and had a positive impact on the work and mission of NIH as a whole.

I hope these messages leave you inspired by how the NIH Library might help you with your own research. Just contact us to let us know how we can help you. 

Keith Cogdill, PhD, AHIP
National Institutes of Health Library
Division of Library Services, Office of Research Services

NIH Library Fiscal Year 2019 by the Numbers

Promoting Knowledge Synthesis and Discovery
•	8,843,390 journal articles and book chapters downloaded
•	176,709 electronic journals and books
•	18,766 requested articles and books sent to researchers
•	3,135 customized information service transactions
•	1,450,000 words translated to and from 48 languages for documents ranging from academic transcripts to protocol consents, medical records and scientific articles

Fostering Community and Collaboration
•	145,250 visits to the NIH Library
•	812,750 visits to the NIH Library online
•	958,000 total visitors 
•	2,854 attendees at 10 special events

Leveraging Technology
•	255 3D models printed
•	863 tech hub reservations

Enhancing Scholarly Communication
•	3,815 attended 155 NIH Library training classes
•	125 NIH researcher manuscripts edited for publication
•	16 NIH Library staff acknowledgments in NIH and HHS publications
•	6 peer-reviewed publications authored by NIH Library staff

Click on the infographic above to open an PDF version

The NIH Library in Building 10 serves the information needs of NIH staff and select Department of Health and Human Services agencies. The NIH Library is part of the Office of Research Services in the Office of the Director. For information on NIH Library classes, events, resources, and services, subscribe to our e-news.