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NIH Library Provides Publication Analysis Services

The NIH Library now offers publication analysis services to NIH staff. As the newest addition to the Library’s range of custom information services, our publication analysis services center on the related areas of bibliometrics, altmetrics, and portfolio analysis. Informationists Chris Belter and Ya-Ling Lu are available for consultations on publication analysis, training on analysis tools and techniques, and custom analyses of publications from laboratories, institutes, and grant portfolios. 

Our analyses can help inform decisions in a variety of situations. We have worked with an institute to identify which researchers are, and are not, working together on research publications. We have worked with a laboratory to benchmark their publications against top academic laboratories across the country. We are currently working with another institute to discover how the focus of their sponsored research on a specific topic has changed over the past 30 years. And we are working with another institute to map the intellectual structure of an entire discipline to identify potential research opportunities for the institute to pursue. 

Learn more about our services and see examples of our work. To request a consultation, training session, or custom analysis, contact us at Chris Belter and Ya-Ling Lu.