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Read Popular Science Books on Your Device with OverDrive

Read Popular Science Books on Your Device with OverDrive

Interested in popular science titles? Look no further. Through the NIH Library, you can instantly borrow popular science eBooks and audiobooks with OverDrive.

Visit OverDrive to view and check out titles available through the NIH Library. Then, read or listen on your own device. You can also place holds on items that are checked out, recommend new content, and download items for offline usage. OverDrive is compatible with most computers, smart phones, tablets, and eReaders, including Kindles.

Get started by going to the OverDrive page on your computer or by downloading the OverDrive app to your mobile device. You will also need your NIH PIV card or NIH username and password. Go to the NIH Library’s OverDrive page to learn more.

For more information, contact Lisa Scanlon at Lisa.Scanlon@nih.gov or 301-827-3830.

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