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Reminder: New NIH Library Article & Book Request System Launching Monday, November 21

If you need an article, book, or other item that is not available in the NIH Library’s collection, the Library can usually still get it for you through our online article and book request system. On Monday, November 21, the NIH Library is launching a new request system called ILLiad which will allow the Library to improve response times and offer a more personalized experience for this service.

What you need to know
Anyone wishing to make a request on or after November 21 will need to create an ILLiad account (distinct from your NIH credentials) to request an article or book from outside the NIH Library collection. Sign up for your account now at Order-Items.

Why we are doing this
The NIH Library provides a premier collection of scholarly resources to support research at NIH, including virtual access to more than 13,000 journals and 60,000 eBooks. Our collection is used extensively but there are times when the trail of research leads to an article, book, or report that is not available. In those cases, we are able to leverage our global network of connections and agreements to find and obtain many of these items for you at no additional cost.

In response to security concerns, and a need for continuous improvement, the NIH Library has been working on a major overhaul of this borrowing service over the past year. We look forward to ILLiad’s launch on November 21 as it will expedite meeting your information needs.

If you have any questions or issues with the service, please contact: edelivery@nih.gov.​

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