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Request Free iThenticate Reports via the NIH Library's Plagiarism Checking Service

NIH authors, rest easier knowing that all of your manuscript’s sources are cited. Before submitting to a journal, use the NIH Library’s Plagiarism Checking Service to help identify any missed citations or paraphrased wording too similar to a published source.

Upon request, an editor will analyze your unpublished journal article manuscript using the Library’s licensed iThenticate software and send you the report. You can then correct any missing citations before the manuscript is sent through the NIH approval process.

The service is free and confidential. Requesters must be the first, last, or corresponding author of the NIH work-related, unpublished manuscript. Reports are usually delivered within three business days.

Read the Office of Research Integrity’s (ORI) guidance on plagiarism here

To request an iThenticate report, submit your request via the NIH Library website's Editing Request page.

For more information, please contact the NIH Library at 301-496-1080 or email Cindy Clark at cindy.clark@nih.gov.

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