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See Science in Action with the JoVE Science Education Database

JoVE Science Education Database is available through the NIH Library. See science in action!

What is JoVE Science Education?

JoVE Science Education Database is devoted to teaching laboratory fundamentals through simple, easy-to-understand video demonstrations. Learn more about JoVE Education Database​.


The NIH Library provides access to nine collections in the JoVE Science Education Database. Each collection contains 15 core videos and 75 application videos.

  • General Laboratory Techniques 
  • Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology 
  • Essentials of Behavioral Science
  • Essentials of Biology I: Yeast, Drosophila, C. elegans 
  • Essentials of Biology II: Mouse, Zebrafish, Chick 
  • Essentials of Cell Biology 
  • Essentials of Developmental Biology 
  • Essentials of Genetics Essentials of Neuroscience

Why use JoVE Science Education Database?

Science Education accelerates learning and drives lab productivity 

  • Quickly onboard new trainees 
  • Reduce time and resources needed to learn new methods and techniques 
  • Enhance lab collaboration and problem-solving 
  • Leverage video and associated transcripts to improve understanding and retention

New Feature—JoVE Quiz

With JoVE Quiz, instructors can:

  • Employ pre-defined questions or custom design their own 
  • Automatically compile and tabulate responses 
  • Enable open book testing so trainees can self-assess ​