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Spring into Your Research with the NIH Library

Spring into your research with the NIH LibrarySave time and enhance your research process with expert services from the NIH Library. All NIH Institutes/Centers have a designated librarian who can provide personalized research assistance. Find Your NIH Librarian and contact them directly today for help with:

Research Services

  • Ask A Question: we can help you with your research question or information need through our Ask A Question form
  • EndNote and Citation Support: we provide training, troubleshooting, assistance with sharing libraries, and help with formatting bibliographies to match a journal's style 
  • Literature Searches: we offer assistance with developing and conducting literature searches, and our staff has expertise in specialized topics such as chemistry, patents, policy, and public health topics 
  • Protocol Support: we can help you develop search techniques and identify appropriate resources for developing the literature and research components of your protocols and scientific reviews
  • Systematic Reviews: we provide help with every step of your systematic review, including developing the research question, searching, screening, data abstraction, and manuscript writing and editing
  • Writing and Publishing: we provide editing, manuscript preparation, and advice on selecting an appropriate journal in which to publish 

Training and Personalized Support

  • Training classes: we offer online classes in NIH Library resources, EndNote, bioinformatics, databases, technology, writing and publishing, and other topics
  • Consultations: we provide personalized help with using NIH Library resources, formatting bibliographies, conducting systematic reviews, addressing bioinformatics questions, and more

NIH staff can access information about these online services via the NIH Library website using the NIH VPN or through the NIH Library’s remote access page. Eligible HHS employees should connect through the remote access page. All services, except where noted, are free to NIH and select HHS staff. 

The NIH Library in Building 10 serves the information needs of NIH staff and select Department of Health and Human Services agencies. The NIH Library is part of the Office of Research Services in the Office of the Director. To stay updated on NIH Library classes, events, resources, and services, subscribe to our e-news.