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Summary of Library Collection Survey 2015

Thank you to everyone who participated in our September 2015 Library Resource Collection survey. The results will be used to help make future collection decisions.

Survey Results:

  • 149 respondents from 19 ICs with feedback on:
  • 140 Basic Science journals,
  • 60 Clinical Care journals,
  • 50 Behavioral/Social Sciences journals,
  • 13 Public Health journals, and
  • 12 databases.

Selected sample of comments collected from survey responses on our collection include:

  • This is a GREAT resource!
  • The journals are a wonderful resource for my lab (now that I can read them online).
  • Thanks for providing us such a great resource!
  • The NIH Library does an excellent job of having such a wide range of good quality journals available.
  • No complaints - from my perspective you all do a wonderful job. Thank you.