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Try Out Ergonomic Computer Workstations at the NIH Library

The NIH Library and NIH Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) are collaborating on a project to provide NIH staff a chance to try out ergonomic equipment. The ErgoFit workspace installation, located in the NIH Library Technology Hub, comprises two computer workstations furnished with configurable ergonomic equipment designed to help users achieve a neutral, comfortable working posture.

The ErgoFit workstations are intended to complement the DOHS ergonomic workstation evaluation service. NIH staff who are curious about different ergonomic configurations and want to try them in person can visit the ErgoFit workspace instead of requesting an evaluation, or as an extension of an existing evaluation. The equipment is provided by DOHS and will be changed periodically to feature offerings from a variety of ergonomic equipment vendors.

The ErgoFit workstation equipment currently available in the Library can be adjusted to fit body size and type to achieve neutral positions for working safely and comfortably. The seating configurations offer the options of sitting, standing, or using an active seat. No reservations are needed to try out the workstations, but bring your NIH identification card if you want to access the NIH network while using the workstation computers.

For more information, contact the DOHS Ergonomics Program Manager at NIHErgonomic@mail.nih.gov.

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