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UpToDate Advanced: Access New Tools to Improve Patient Care

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The NIH Library is pleased to introduce UpToDate Advanced, an enhanced version of UpToDate. NIH staff can now use two additional tools in the expanded version of this evidence-based application:

  • UpToDate Pathways: Tailor patient recommendations based on evidence with interactive decision-making workflows. Access “UpToDate Pathways” in the top navigation menu, or while in your patient-specific search results recommendations.
  • Lab Interpretation: Evaluate and decide on next steps for lab results, accessible from “Contents” in the top navigation menu or right within your search results.

Start Using UpToDate Advanced

  • Current UpToDate Users: UpToDate Advanced is available through the current NIH Library subscription to UpToDate. If you already use UpToDate, you will see these new tools when you log in.
  • New Users: If you are new to UpToDate, go to www.uptodate.com while on the NIH network/VPN to begin using it.

Register for an optional free account to get even more out of UpToDate, including mobile access, continuing education credits, the ability to download files for offline use, and more.

  • While on the NIH network/VPN, go to www.uptodate.com 
  • Select “Register” from the upper right-hand corner of the UpToDate page
  • Complete all fields and then click “Submit Registration”
  • Once registered, you can use your account to access UpToDate from your computer or install the UpToDate Mobile App on up to two devices

Learn More
Watch a short UpToDate Pathways video, or contact Lisa Scanlon, lisa.scanlon@nih.gov for more information.