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  • NIH Library Bioinformatics Class: Whole Exome Sequencing Data Analysis

    This training will provide an introduction to exome sequencing data analysis followed by tutorials showing the use of an exome analysis workflow. The session will also feature a hands-on exercise during which participants will independently run a basic exome analysis for variant detection using a “point and click” approach.

  • Sharpen Your Writing Skills with NIH Library Writing Classes this Summer

    Whether you are working on your very first manuscript or are looking to learn more in-depth techniques to prepare your manuscript for publication, these NIH Library writing classes will enhance your skills and set you up for publishing success.

  • Systematic Review Service at the NIH Library

    We are pleased to introduce the Systematic Review Service at the NIH Library. Our Librarians are available to guide you through your entire systematic review process, from development of your research question through fully understanding the search process, screening, data abstraction, and manuscript writing.