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Bradley Otterson

Biomedical Librarian

Bradley Otterson joined the library as a reference librarian and instructor in 2001. 

Point of Contact

He serves as a Point of Contact who facillitates information requests, projects, or other services for these ICs:

  • NINR


He teaches how to gather information and organize it into bibliographic software.

Reference Librarian

He provides references services.

Systems Librarian

He oversees several systems.

Information Architect

He is involved in the modeling and configuring of different information systems.

Facility Support

He is interested in renovation projects and maintenance of the facility. 

What Can Bradley Otterson Do For You

  • Provide comprehensive searching of the scientific and grey literature.
  • Develop and conduct individual or group instruction on how to search, collect, and manage scientific and public data, both online and in-person.
  • Create research or news alerts to keep up-to-date on research or topics of interest.
  • Assist with manuscript preparation (e.g., selecting an appropriate journal, formatting the paper and references, receiving support for paper submission and more).
  • Consult on special projects involving the locating, organizing, analyzing, and synthesizing of information.


Conference Papers

  • Cooper ID, Livinski AA, Otterson B, Terry N, Wheeler T, White-Olson A.Assessing our value: this is our story.Paper presented at Medical Library Association Annual Meeting;2013;Boston, MA.

Conference Posters

  • Brown B, Hope B, McKeeby J, Otterson B, Raju M, Sengstack P.Bringing library and hospital tools together at the bedside: integrating a user-centered clinical search tool for patient care into a clinical information system.Paper presented at American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium;2013;Washington D.C..