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Dera Tompkins

Biomedical Librarian

Dera Tompkins is a Biomedical Librarian at the NIH Library at the National Institutes of Health. She previously served as a Medical Librarian at the Neuroscience Reseach Center, NIMH.


  • BA, Education/Speech Pathology, Howard Universtiy, Washington, DC
  • World Studies, World Campus Afloat, Semester at Sea, Chapman University, Orange, California
  • MLS, Library and Information Science, University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC
  • Thirty years experience as biomedical and health science librarian

What Can I Do For You

Dera's responsibilities at the NIH Library include: reference, literature searching, manuscript editing, library orientations, communications and marketing, tutorials and library events planning

Conference Posters

  • Tompkins D, Mornini J, Ionin R, Lawal Z, Butera G, Livinski A.Addressing and Assessing Health Disparities Research Support at the National Institutes of Health.Paper presented at Medical Library Association (MLA) 2022;2022;New Orleans, LA.