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Diane Cooper


Diane works directly as an Informationist (biomedical research librarian) for the following NIH Institutes and Centers and for the Indian Health Service (HHS) nationwide.

1. National Institutes of Health

  • National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Intramural Research
  • National Institutes on Drug Abuse Intramural Research
  • National Cancer Institute Neuro-Oncology Branch
  • Clinical Center Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Clinical Center Critical Care Medicine

2. Health and Human Services

  • Indian Health Service, IHS Headquarters staff, and healthcare providers in IHS/tribal hospitals and clinics throughout the U.S.

She holds a Master of Science in Library Sciences (MSLS) from the University of Kentucky and has experience in the information services field with comprehensive literature searches for biomedical research and clinical research information.  She specializes in conducting systematic reviews, scoping reviews, and other evidence-synthesis literature searches.

What Can I Do For You

  • Conducts comprehensive literature searches for research projects, manuscripts, reports, and patient care
  • Provides consultations, training, and literature searching for systematic reviews, scoping reviews, and other evidence-synthesis reviews
  • Offers end-user and group instruction on searching article databases [PubMed, Scopus, EMBASE, Web of Science, and other information resources]
  • Offers end-user and group instruction on bibliographic management tools [EndNote]
  • Provides cited reference searches
  • Edits manuscripts, reports, posters, and other documents in support of research and policy development

Conference Papers

  • Butera G, Livinski A A, Terry N, Cooper D.Lessons Learned: Creating a Systematic Review Service Model that Expands the Librarian’s Role.Paper presented at Special Library Association SLA 2022 Source Forward;2022;Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Cooper ID, Livinski AA, Otterson B, Terry N, Wheeler T, White-Olson A.Assessing our value: this is our story.Paper presented at Medical Library Association Annual Meeting;2013;Boston, MA.
  • Cooper ID.Evidence-based nursing practice: the latest evidence.Paper presented at Nurse Leaders in Native Care Conference;2011;Albuquerque, NM.
  • Cooper ID.Reaching out to IHS with clinical information.Paper presented at IHS Combined Councils Meeting;2011;Washington, DC.

Conference Posters

  • Butera G, Cooper D, Townsend C, McGlaughlin K, Jones Y, Jacob R, Mornini J A.Planning a Scholarly Publishing- Symposium: Lessons Learned.Paper presented at Medical Library Association & Special Library Association 2023 Annual Conference;2023;Detroit, MI.

Journal Articles