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NIH Library librarians are your gateway to the vast array of NIH Library resources and services. Librarians facilitate information requests, provide customized reference and research services, and can refer you to appropriate NIH Library services. Additionally, your librarian can provide or suggest tailored training. To get help from the NIH Library for you or your group, contact the Information Desk, or consult directly with your librarian below.

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Find Your NIH Institutes and Centers Librarian
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Find Your Librarian for Specialized Services

Have specialized needs? Maybe your institute, center, or group may benefit from the support of an informationist or a specialized librarian. To learn more about this service or to see if you have an assigned informationist, visit our Informationist Support Program page. And, to learn more about NIH Library staff, visit our Staff Directory.

Information Desk

The Information Desk is located on the main level of the NIH Library in the Reading Room and is the information hub for the Library. The Reference Assistants at the Information Desk are available to help in-person or by phone at 301-496-1080 during library hours. NIH ID cards are required to borrow books, request literature searches, and receive other library services for NIH-related work. Access to the onsite library computers requires NIH ID smartcards and associated pin numbers.

Some of the services we provide at our Information Desk include: checking out, receiving, and renewing materials reserving library workspaces such as our collaboration pods, bioinformatics and data science workspaces, and the Digital Production Studio; putting you in touch with the right resource or service, including specialized areas such as bibliometrics, bioinformatics, data, editing, a variety of emerging technologies, and translation services and getting answers to reference questions or help with a literature search from a biomedical librarian (on-call during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mon-Fri).

NIH Institutes and Centers

Institute or Center Point(s) of Contact
CC Diane Cooper
CSR Chris Belter
FIC Alicia Livinski
NCATS Josh Duberman
NCCIH Doug Joubert
NCI Josh Duberman
NEI Brigit Sullivan
NHGRI Margaret McGhee
NHLBI Brigit Sullivan
NIA Ya-Ling Lu
NIAAA Diane Cooper
NIAID Nancy Terry
NIAMS Margaret McGhee
NIBIB Josh Duberman
NICHD Ya-Ling Lu
NIDA Brian Brown
NIDCD Cindy Clark
NIDCR Margaret McGhee
NIDDK Marie Preston
NIEHS Erin Knight
NIGMS Cindy Clark
NIMH Dera Tompkins
NIMHD Dera Tompkins
NINDS Bradley Otterson
NINR Margaret McGhee
OD (Office of the Director) Ya-Ling Lu

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

HHS OpDiv Point(s) of Contact
ACF Margaret McGhee
ACL Margaret McGhee
AHRQ Bradley OttersonLeila MartiniCaryn McManus
CMS Alicia LivinskiElnora ScottNancy Terry
HRSA Alicia Livinski
IHS Diane Cooper
IOS Alicia Livinski
Office of the Secretary (ASPE, ASPR, OASH, OCR, OGA, OGC, OIG, OMHA, ONC)
     ASPE Jana Liebermann
     ASPR Alicia Livinski
     OASH Nancy Terry
     OCR Nancy Terry
     OGA Alicia Livinski
     OGC Nancy Terry
     OIG Nancy Terry 
     OMHA Nancy Terry 
     ONC Doug Joubert
PSC Bradley Otterson
SAMHSA Alicia Livinski

NIH Library Specialized Services

Specialty Area Point(s) of Contact
3D Printing Doug Joubert
Bibliometrics Chris BelterYa-Ling Lu
Bioinformatics Doug Joubert
Chemistry & Drug Information Josh Duberman
Custom Information Solutions Bridget Burns
Data Science Doug Joubert
Technology Hub Doug Joubert
Patents & Tech Transfer Josh Duberman


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