Pathway Studio for De Novo Pathway Building, Omics, and SNP Data Analysis

  • Registration Closed
  • Jul 20, 2017
  • 09:30 AM to 04:00 PM
  • NIH Library Training Room

Session Description

In this class you will learn to use Pathway Studio Web, an integrated research solution that combines a large knowledgebase of extracted scientific facts with analytical and visualization tools. Pathway Studio helps researchers better understand the underlying biology from experimental, clinical, and literature-based evidence. This training session will focus on de novo pathway building, high-throughput data analysis, and variant analysis.

  • Navigate Pathway Studio Web and utilize embedded tools for pathway analysis
  • Create de novo pathways and biological association networks using the knowledgebase
  • Import and analyze gene expression data and variant analysis
  • Build new models or validate existing ones for diseases and cell processes
  • Leverage the Pathway Studio knowledgebase to build research hypotheses and verify findings
  • Explore cause and effect interactions contained in experimental data
  • Generate reports from expression data analysis


  • Build molecular networks (of proteins, genes, small molecules, diseases, cells and cell processes, etc.) to identify signaling pathways or disease mechanisms
  • Analyze omics data (including gene expression, metabolomics, proteomics, genotypes) to find:
    • Cellular processes and ontologies
    • Pathways
    • Major expression regulators
    • Interesting SNPs associated with specific phenotypes/diseases/cell processes/drugs
  • Summarize a large body of literature on a specific subject such as a gene, cell process, disease, etc.
  • Generate publication quality images of biological pathways
  • Learn what proteins are expressed in specific cell types or how a disease impacts a specific cell type

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