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Creating Alerts: EMBASE

With over 31 million indexed records and more than 8,500 indexed peer-reviewed journals, Embase is a highly versatile, multipurpose and up-to-date database covering the most important international biomedical literature from 1947 to the present day. All articles are indexed in depth using the Elsevier Life Science thesaurus Emtree®.

  • Journal coverage from 1947 to the present
  • Over 32 million records, including MEDLINE titles
  • Over 8,500 journals from over 95 countries, including MEDLINE titles
  • Over 2,900 indexed journals unique to Embase
  • Over 1.5 million records added yearly, with an average of over 6,000 each day
  • Over 2.3 million conference abstracts indexed from more than 7,000 conferences dating from 2009
  • Full-text indexing of drug, disease and medical device data

Embase has six search options: Quick, Advanced, Drug, Disease, Device and Article. You can choose your search option from the Search dropdown menu at the top left of any page.

To Create alerts:

You can set up your Email Alerts from your Results or Saved Searches. You must be logged in to set up an Email Alert.

  1. For a new search, on the Results page under History, mouse over the search you would like to set up as an email alert and click on the option ‘Set email alert’.
  2. If you want to set up an email alert for a previously saved search, then go to the Saved Searches page, mouse over the desired saved search and select ‘Set email alert’.
  3. Both options open the Set email alert window, where you are prompted to enter a name for your alert and the email address(es) to which your email alert will be sent. You may enter several email addresses and all information may be edited at any time from the Email Alert page.
  4. Select your preferred email format by clicking the appropriate radio button beside either ‘HTML’ or ‘Text’.
  5. Choose your preferred content format options: Citations Only; Citations and Index Terms; Citations and Abstracts; Citations, Abstracts and Index Terms; or Full Record.
  6. For Citations Only, the limit is 500 records in your inbox. If your search has produced more than 500 records, you may follow a link to view the rest of your results in Embase.
  7. If you select Citations and Abstract, the first 25 results will be sent to you by email and again, you may follow the link provided to see the rest of the records in Embase.
  8. Click the drop-down frequency menu to choose among the following options: every day, every week, every two weeks, every month, every two months, every three months, every six months, or every year. For weekly alerts, you may choose the day of the week for the alert. For monthly alerts you may choose the day of the month for the alert.

Watch the video Setting Up and Managing Email Alerts

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