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Keeping Current: Other Sources

Bing News
Personalize Bing News to locate current information.

H1 Connect
H1 Connect (formerly Faculty of 1000 Prime) provides researchers with a personalized literature service of article recommendations from a Faculty of 8,000 leading researchers in biology and medicine.

Google News
Personalize Google News to locate current information.

Journal TOCs
This service allows you to keep up-to-date with newly published scholarly material by enabling you to browse, view, save, and search across thousands of journal tables of contents from hundreds of publishers. Free registration allow you to create a customized list of your most important and favorite journals, and includes export options such as email alerts, RSS feeds, formats for bibliographic managers, and customizable API for web pages. 

Search a hashtag on a subject to find out the latest, or search a conference name to find comments or links to presentations.