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Opioids: Pre-formulated Database Search Strategies

We are currently working on developing and testing a number of searches for journal literature on a wide variety of opioid-related topics. If you have a suggestion of a search you would like us to add, please contact one of the NIH Librarians listed on this page.

Click on the hyperlinks below to excute that search in PubMed/MEDLINE. We have included the search terms used for that topic for your reference.


Naloxone in Schools 

(Naloxone[mh] OR Naltrexone[mh] OR naloxone OR naltrexone OR opiate substitution therapy[mh] OR buprenorphine, naloxone drug combination[mh] OR nalorex OR antaxone) AND (Schools[mh] OR school health services[mh] OR school nursing[mh] OR school*[tiab] OR “school-based”[tiab] OR “school based”[tiab] OR school health services[mh] OR college*[tiab] OR student*[tiab] OR students[mh] OR student health services[mh]  OR college*[tiab] OR university[tiab] OR universities[tiab] OR academi*[tiab] OR campus*[tiab] OR dormitor*[tiab] OR dorms[tiab] OR dorm[tiab])

Opioids in  Youth

(hydrocodone OR hydromorphone OR dihydromorphine OR morphine OR heroin OR diamorphine OR diacetylmorphine OR codeine OR fentanyl OR dilaudid OR oxycontin OR oxycodone OR oxymorphone OR opiates OR opiate OR narcotic* OR opioid* OR tramadol) AND (addict*[tiab] OR dependen*[tiab] OR abus*[tiab]) AND (youth* OR adolescent behavior[mh] OR adolescen* OR young adult* OR teen* OR adolescent[mh] OR adolescent health[mh] OR kids OR school age* OR juvenile* OR minors OR pubescent* OR high school student* OR undergraduate* OR college student* OR underage*)

More to come!