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Creating Co-authorship Networks with Sci2

In week 7, we introduce the major concepts of network science and provide a hands-on demonstration of how to create co-author networks from Web of Science data using the Science of Science (Sci2) Tool.

Course Materials

Supplemental Reading

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Newman MEJ. 2003. The structure and function of complex networks. Siam Rev. 45(2):167-256. doi:10.1137/s003614450342480

Barabási AL. 2017. Network science. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. http://networksciencebook.com/

Practice Exercise

Import the .csv file you exported from OpenRefine into Sci2. Create co-authorship networks on the author and affiliation columns, practice pruning the networks by removing edges and extracting the largest connected component, and then save each network as a .graphml file.

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