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Systematic Review Standards & Organizations

Systematic Reviews Standards 

PRISMA Statement for Reporting Systematic Reviews [1] (PDF) - The PRISMA statement consists of a 27 item checklist of items deemed as essential for transparent reporting of a systematic review.

IOM Standards for Initiating a Systematic Review-brief [2] (PDF)  - List of standards for initiating a systematic reviews from the Institute of Medicine.  

IOM - Finding What Works Standards for Systematic Reviews [3] (PDF)  - Link to complete Institute of Medicine report on systematic review standards.  

Systematic Review Organizations 

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) - AHRQ Methods Guide for Effectiveness and Comparative Effectiveness Reviews. The AHRQ Effective Health Care Program has a number of tools and resources to help consumers, clinicians, policymakers, and others make more informed health care decisions.  

Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD)   - The Centre for Reviews and Dissemination provides research-based information about the effects of health and social care interventions and provides guidance on the undertaking of systematic reviews.  

The Campbell Collaboration   - The Campbell Collaboration is an international research network that produces systematic reviews of the effects of social interventions.  

Cochrane Collaboration   - The Cochrane Collaboration is an international organization which helps prepare and maintain the results of systematic reviews of health care interventions. Systematic reviews are disseminated through the online Cochrane Library which is accessible through this guide and under databases on the NIH Library website.

NIH Library Systematic Review Class - Oct 2015 Slides/Handout 

Class Handouts [4] (PDF)

Literature Search Term Harvesting Form [5] (PDF) - use to organize search terms for your systematic review.