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Library Computers and Spaces

Computers (NIH staff)    
Public Access Computer (NIH staff and visitors)    
Remote Access to Specialized Workstations (reservation required)      
Bioinformatics Workstations (reservation required)      
Data Sciences Workstation (reservation required)      
Multimedia Workstation (reservation required)    
Recording Studio (reservation required)    
Private Study Carrels      
Open Study Carrels      
Green Terrace


There are 16 desktop computers with access to the NIH network. Users must log in with NIH government credentials (a PIV card or username and password) to use them. These computers have access to a printer in the NIH Library. No reservation is required.       

Public Access Computer 

There is one public computer with limited access to the Internet. It is not connected to a printer. No reservation is required.       

Remote Access to Specialized Workstations

Specialized NIH Library Workstations (and their software) can be accessed remotely. Please make a reservation, and then follow the individual directions below for each workstation to log in.

Bioinformatics 1      
Bioinformatics 2      
Data Science      
Collaboration Pod 1      
Collaboration Pod 2      

Bioinformatics Workstations

Supported by the NIH Library Bioinformatics Support Program, these two workstations offer high-performance computers dedicated to high-throughput data analysis. Applications are unique to each computer. Reservations are required (may be reserved for up to 8 hours each day).         

Data Sciences Workstation

Supported by the NIH Library Data Services Program, this workstation provides a suite of tools for data analysis, processing, and visualization useful for a variety of different types of data. The workstation also includes links to information on using data tools, conducting research using data mining, and finding data available for re-use. Reservations are required (may be reserved for up to 4 hours each day).     

Multimedia Workstation - Coming Soon!

The NIH Library is currently reconfiguring the Collaboration Pods into a new and improved multimedia workstation. Check back soon for updated information.    

Recording Studio

Create audio and video projects using the Library's Digital Production Studio, equipped with a digital audio recorder, a video camera, headphones, microphones, sound-proofing, a green screen, and a lighting kit. Editing software, including Adobe Creative Cloud suite and Camtasia, will be available in the Multimedia workstation (coming soon).    

Private Study Carrels

On the lower level, the NIH Library has 5 private study carrels for individual use. These study spaces are not locked-- valuables should not be left unattended. Each carrels has chairs, a desk, a door, and WiFi. NIH staff can use them on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservation is required.       

Open Study Carrels

The NIH Library has open study carrels in the main reading room. No reservation is required.       

Green Terrace

The 4400-square-foot Green Terrace directly outside of the NIH Library in Building 10 is a verdant, eco-friendly garden patio. It is an extension of the NIH Library and serves as an outdoor garden oasis for NIH staff and visitors. It provides a natural, relaxing setting for individuals and groups to eat, read, reflect, and rejuvenate.  

The NIH Library Green Terrace won the HHS Green Champion Award for Sustainable Building Design (2009) and the Medical Library Association Green Project of the Year Award (2011).