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The Cancer Genomics Cloud: A Secure and Scalable Platform to Access, Share, and Analyze Multi-omics Datasets

The Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC), powered by Seven Bridges, is an NCI-funded resource that provides a unified platform for cancer data analysis by co-localizing three components within the cloud: 1) large cancer datasets from TCGA, CPTAC and several others; 2) more than 500 bioinformatics tools and best-practice workflows for analyzing multi-omics data; and 3) the computational capabilities to do large-scale analyses. This hands-on session of CGC allows the participants to browse, query, and filter datasets of interest and bring their own data for collaborative analysis. The CGC also provides the flexibility to use private tools and the ability to complete reproducible and interactive data analyses (e.g., RStudio, Jupyter notebook). Currently, data analysis is supported in both Google and Amazon cloud environments. Altogether, the CGC is a network of findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) datasets, workflows, and services which make cancer data analysis faster and more easily available for all.

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