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Identifying, Interpreting, and Prioritizing Causal Variants Using QCII-T

QIAGEN’s Ingenuity Variant Analysis (IVA) has been replaced by QIAGEN Clinical Insight Interpret – Translational (QCII-T), which combines analytical tools and integrated content to help you rapidly identify and prioritize variants by drilling down to a small, targeted subset of compelling variants based on published biological evidence and your knowledge of disease biology. QCII-T allows you to interrogate variants from multiple biological perspectives, explore different biological hypotheses, and identify the most promising variants for follow-up. This class will focus on how to use QCII-T to upload datasets, efficiently use different filtering mechanisms to identify causal variants, and export data. Participants will also review feature changes migrating from Ingenuity Variant Analysis to QCII-T.

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