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Keep Current with the Latest in Your Field

Researchers today face an almost overwhelming flood of scientific literature in various formats. How does one keep up? There are resources that can help filter and organize the information. This workshop will provide a close look at (1) a database of recommended biomedical research article (Faculty of 1000 (F1000); (2) citation tracking (Scopus and PLOS); (3) customized database alerts (NLM My NCBI); journal reading and table of content apps (BrowZine); and (4) social media tools (Twitter). Information focused on your interests will be readily available. Make keeping up a seamless part of your research workflow. Learning Objectives: identify resources to help find and filter scientific literature; learn how to use F1000, Scopus, PLOS, BrowZine, and Twitter for keeping up in your field of interest; and learn to use these resources as part of research flow.

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