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Microarray Methylation Data Analysis in Partek Genomic Suite

The class will start with an overview of Partek Genomics Suite with Pathway and followed with training with Illumina 450K Methylation array data. The workflow can also be used on HumanMethylation27 (27K) and Human MethylationEPIC (850K) BeadChips. Students will learn how to perform QA/QC, detect differential methylation, find genes overlapping CpG loci and biological interpretation as well as other basic analysis in Partek Genomics Suite with Pathway.

For example: import data from Illumina methylation array in .idat files; methylation array-specific normalization; perform QA/AC; detection of differentially methylated CpG loci; creating list of loci of interest; identifying methylation signatures; find overlapping genes; biological interpretation; visualization (PCA; Dot plot; Hierarchical clustering; Pathway). Benefits: Acquire working knowledge of tools available to NIH researchers for Microarray Methylation data analysis.

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