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Overview of Common Statistical Tests: Part 2

In partnership with the NIH Clinical Center's Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiology Service (BCES), the NIH Library is offering a class geared to cover the general concepts behind common statistical tests. This two-part lecture series will help participants better understand and prepare data, interpret results and findings, design and prepare studies, and understand the results in published literature.

Part 2 will describe the basic concepts for using common statistical tests such as Chi-square, paired and two-sample t-tests, ANOVA, correlations, simple and multiple regression, logistic regression, and some nonparametric tests. During the class, time will be devoted to questions from attendees and references will be provided for in-depth self-study.

Although you may attend only one part of this series, attending both parts will give you a better understanding of the most used statistical tests in the biomedical literature. You must register separately for Part 1 of this class series.

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