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Statistical Inference for Non-Statisticians: Part 2

What’s the difference between “regular” statistics (i.e. what you may have been using in the past several years) and the “new” Bayesian statistics? Which one should you use for your next study?

This is Part 2 of a two-part lecture series intended for non-statisticians interested in understanding the basic, intuitive thinking behind the two schools of statistical inference: frequentist (known as classical) and Bayesian. Part 2 will address the Bayesian approach, and will cover the concepts of Bayes’ Theorem, prior and posterior distributions, and Bayes factor. Technical details will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Although you may attend only one part of this series, attending both parts will give you a better sense of the contrast between these two statistical approaches. During the class, time will be devoted to questions from attendees and references will be provided for in-depth self-study. You must register separately for Part 1 of this class series.

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