Reference Manager Output Style

The Reference Manager styles collection contains more than 1,300 bibliographic styles for a variety of disciplines. If you do not see the style you need, check the Reference ManagerĀ website.

If you cannot find the output style you need from the RefMan website, you can alter an existing style to conform to your needs.

Find a Similar Style to the One You Need

  1. Open Reference Manager.
  2. From the Tools menu, choose Bibliography and then Open Output Style.
  3. Scroll through the list of styles.
  4. Click on a style. The reference format for that style will be previewed below.
  5. Select (highlight) a style and click on Open and the Style window will open.

Save the Style and Then Make Changes to It

  1. From the file menu, select File and then Save As.
  2. Give this style copy a new name and save it. The new style will remain open for changes.

Make Changes to the Style

  1. Select the In-Text Reference tab.
    • Under Reference Type, select Generic, then, in the Definitions box, make changes, if any, to the fields.
  2. Select the Bibliography tab.
    • Under Reference Type, select the type of reference you wish to make changes to, for example: journal, or book, or electronic citation.
    • For each reference type, change the fields as needed.
  3. Save the changes: from the file menu select File, then Save As.

PDF of Reference Manager Output Styles

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