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NIH Library Collection (Journals, Books, Databases)

The NIH Library is a leading biomedical research library dedicated to supporting the National Institutes of Health and select U.S. Department of Health and Human Services agencies. We provide access to a premier collection of resources to help you with your biomedical information and research needs:

  • Journals – online access to over 13,000 current and historical journals (most with complete archives), with over 16,800 articles downloaded each day
  • Books – online access to over 170,000 scholarly eBooks, with nearly 270,000 eBook chapter downloads each year; core physical collection of 28,000 books also available
  • Reference Databases – over 50 searchable reference sources including PubMed@NIH, Web of Science, Scopus, and UpToDate

Collection Size

As of January 1, 2022, NIH staff have access to:

  • 13,097 eJournals
  • 170,484 eBooks
  • 28,247 print books
  • 54 reference databases
  • Over 10,000 educational videos

Collection Usage

The NIH Library provided an estimated 6,432,862 journal article and eBook chapter downloads in FY2021. That translates to:

  • Over 16,800 journal articles downloaded per day
  • Over 22,000 eBook chapters downloaded per month
  • Nearly 750 articles/book chapters downloaded per hour
NIH Library Service