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3D Printing Service

The NIH Library 3D Printing Service offers this free service to NIH Staff assist to work-related projects such as printing laboratory equipment, anatomical and molecular structure prototypes.  For beginners, this service can be an introduction to the world of 3D Printing.  We provide 3D training and orientations, modeling software and guidance throughout the printing process.

What We Do

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Training and Consultations

The NIH Library provides training and consultations for further understanding of the 3D Printing process. Library Staff are available to assist in troubleshooting 3D Models before and during printing.

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Software and Modeling Websites

We provide modeling software that can be used to design and edit 3D models on our Collaboration Pods. We also provide links to various websites which provide free 3D models for downloading.

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3D Printer

The Library's uPrint 3D printer is an entry-level professional version, capable of precise printing using ABS (acroylonitrile butadiene styrene). The uPrint features the ability to print intricate and suspended patterns using dissolvable supports that are melted away after printing which provides the ability for print complex models. The printer has a heated printing chamber that reduces cracking and curling, which can sometimes be a problem when printing with ABS.


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