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Bibliometric Services

What We Do

As part of our Research Analytics services, the NIH Library’s Bibliometric Services Program provides publication analysis to NIH staff. The program uses analytics to understand and evaluate the publications produced by intramural NIH scientists and institutions at NIH.

The program provides the following services: 

  • ​ Consultations for intramural NIH staff to answer staff questions about bibliometrics and provide expert advice on designing and using bibliometric analyses.
  • Training on bibliometric theory and techniques, both through the Library’s training calendar and upon request.
  • Customized lists of authors, topics, publication sources, or institutions, created using cleaned exports from InCites and other bibliometric data sources.
  • Analyses of publications by NIH-affiliated authors at the lab/department and IC levels for intramural NIH staff.
  • Customized analyses of publication portfolios by NIH scientists, or on specific topics of interest to help advance NIH’s mission.

For assistance with analysis of extramural program portfolios, contact the NIH Office of Portfolio Analysis (OPA) (available only to NIH staff).

See an example of a bibliometric analysis report created by NIH Library staff.

Service Policy

The Library’s Bibliometric Services to NIH customers come in two tiers: basic (free) services and advanced (fee-based) services. The program’s free services are provided with no additional cost to NIH customers up to 40 hours of staff time on a specific analysis and limited to four per office, laboratory, or division within a specific NIH ICO for the fiscal year.  For reports on an individual author's publications, free services are provided with no additional cost to NIH customers up to 6 hours of staff time per report, and the report can be updated up to once per year.  Fee-based custom analyses that exceed 40 hours, or 6 hours for individual author reports, or the limited number of analyses per year are available at an hourly rate. For further information, see the bibliometrics contact on this page.