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Literature Search

NIH Librarians will conduct a thorough search that can include specialty databases not publicly available. Animal welfare, systematic reviews, and protocol support are a few of the specialized searches you may request. 

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Systematic Reviews

NIH Library Librarians regularly serve as part of systematic review teams. NIH Library Librarians are skilled at:

  • Conducting the literature searches
  • Documenting the search process
  • Managing the search results
  • Writing the methodology section of the review and reporting results according to PRISMA guidelines or other appropriate standards, and
  • Editing the manuscript to conform to the requirements of the target journal.

Additionally, they can aid with other components of a systematic review such as establishing inclusion criteria, selection of software for screening or data extraction, writing and editing of a manuscript and other tasks, as determined by need and staff knowledge. A full list of services available is included below.

These services are provided to NIH and HHS customers by a NIH Library Librarian. Request a consultation to discuss your systematic review.

Protocol Support

The NIH Library Protocol Support Service provides searching, consultations, and resources for developing the literature and research components of protocol development and scientific review. Librarians work with individuals to develop complex, focused searches for both clinical and animal protocols. Librarians are available to attend protocol team meetings and provide support throughout the protocol process.