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Protocol Support

The NIH Library Protocol Support Service provides searching, consultations, and resources for developing the literature and research components of protocol development and scientific review. Librarians work with individuals to develop complex, focused searches for both clinical and animal protocols. Librarians are available to attend protocol team meetings and provide support throughout the protocol process.

What We Do

Along with providing an extensive collection of resources and searching services, the Library provides subject area expertise in a variety of areas to help with protocol support. 


This data-centered program provides software and consultations for the analysis of high-throughput data such as next generation sequencing data, as well as software and knowledgebases to help in the interpretation of the results of these analyses, especially pathways and genetic variants. Additionally, the Library provides high-performance bioinformatics workstations optimized for analysis of high-throughput data.


Librarians provide assistance with understanding and managing data throughout the entire research process, from project planning to post-project preservation, including management, processing, analysis, and visualization.

Preclinical and Clinical Medicine

Librarians with subject-matter expertise work in a clinical, basic science, biomedical research, or public health specialty. Some librarians specialize or hold degrees in biochemistry, cardiology, chemistry, endocrinology, molecular biology, nursing, and public health.

Drugs, Chemistry, Patents, and Technology Transfer

Librarians can help you find data about drugs, toxicology, new drug development, patents, legislation, and technology transfer resources. They can find industry research summaries; policy documents; "gray" literature; and best practices. 

Animal Study Protocols

Librarians will work with you to develop a useful literature search design. Librarins provide biomedical database searching strategies to assist researchers in determining if research methods that replace, reduce, or refine animal use in research and testing are available.

Citation Management

Assistance with finding, compiling, and managing citation references. Support is available for bibliographic software such as EndNote and Mendeley.


Get Help

Request assistance from a librarian. Please do not put sensistive or PII information in the request form. 

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