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Vision, Mission, Values


To be the premier provider of information solutions that enable discovery and improve health.


Advance the work of NIH and HHS in biomedical research, clinical care, and health policy by promoting knowledge synthesis and discovery; fostering collaboration and community; enhancing scholarly communication; and pursuing research and development that improves information access and use.


The NIH Library is committed to a high level of ethical conduct and performance. In order to earn the trust of its users the Library expects staff to demonstrate responsible stewardship of resources.

The NIH Library is dedicated to creating and delivering value-added information solutions to its users. It is progressive and seeks to incorporate new knowledge, creatively, striving to find better, more effective ways to deliver its services and resources. This involves technical innovation as well as a willingness to consider and adopt new approaches to work.

The NIH Library sets high expectations that services provided by staff will be accurate, timely, helpful, complete, and tailored for its users. The Library trusts staff to meet or exceed these expectations.

The NIH Library is committed to providing and maintaining excellent information services, products, collections, and staff to aid NIH in achieving its mission. Staff demonstrate this commitment by their helpfulness, their respect for the information needs of users, their recognition of the value of cooperation and teamwork, and by their sense of responsibility toward their work.

The NIH Library is committed to fostering collaboration by partnering internally and externally to meet mutual needs, fulfill values, achieve desired outcomes, exceed expectations, and sustain the best information solutions possible.